ATVs on Clearview Township Roads

In 2008 and 2016, CARA objected in person at Council meetings and in writing to proposals from all-terrain vehicle (ATV) organizations outside Clearview to operate ATVs on Clearview Township roads. Both times we were successful.

In 2016, Clearview Township conducted a survey to assess support or opposition to allowing ATVs on limited routes. To CARA, the questions appeared to be designed to favour allowing ATV use.  We also understand that a large number of ATV users outside of the Township answered the survey.

In June 2017, with Clearview staff support, the issue of approval was again raised at Clearview Council. Staff supported the use of ATV’s throughout Clearview that reflected the original request from COATV (Central Ontario All-Terrain Vehicle Club). CARA and others objected, but this time unsuccessfully. However, no roads directly in or near Creemore were included on the approved list of roads shown below.

ATV Routes Updated August 2017.jpg