Creemore Heritage Protection

CARA has long had an interest in protecting Creemore’s unique built, cultural and natural heritage resources.  The loss of some heritage buildings on Mill Street has also prompted concern.  In this respect, CARA views its potential role as focusing on conservation and protection, ideally complementing other organizations such as the Log Cabin Service Board and Purple Hills’ role in the celebration and designation of local culture.

In previous years, we have hosted ad hoc meetings with local residents interested in heritage issues.  We drafted initial thoughts on the establishment of a Heritage Committee of Council and the possibility of implementing a Heritage Conservation District, under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act, in Creemore in order to preserve the character of Mill Street.

View CARA's article on establishing a Heritage Conservation District in Creemore.  

For a presentation of legislative and policy tools to encourage best practices in municipal heritage conservation in Ontario, click here.