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Since 2004, CARA has been monitoring a development at 80 Edward Street, Creemore, proposed by developer Doug MacIntosh. The approved development permits the construction of 72 units in three buildings. It is currently being marketed under the name The Meadows of Creemore. Units are being offered starting in the mid- $300,000s.

CARA was a Participant at the OMB hearing in January 2007 where approval was obtained.

RECENT UPDATE: In July 2017, MacIntosh and Clearview Township entered into a new settlement that dealt with issues such as zoning for storm water management, visitor parking ratios and the definition of height.  Click here for the Clearview Planning report with the Minutes of Settlement the latest zoning by-law amendment, By-Law 17-70, approved by Council in July, 2017.  

On January 17, 2018, the OMB allowed the settlement appeal consistent with the request of the parties and in accordance with the Minutes of Settlement.

Development Details

MacIntosh obtained approval of a revised development proposal in 2007, following settlement with Clearview Township. A separate settlement was negotiated with Alliance Homes in 2008. There have been three settlements with Clearview (so far).

In 2010, Clearview Township withdrew its support for this development because the development was not progressing in the way set out in the settlement. That led to another application by MacIntosh to the OMB to address certain issues in dispute, including the adequacy of the sewage collection system and the imposition of development charges. A second settlement was negotiated.

MacIntosh has received two extensions of time to fulfil the conditions of approval. In May 2016, Clearview Council approved an extension to May 30, 2019.

Click here for the May 30, 2016 Clearview Planning report and attached Draft Plan of Subvision for the Meadows of Creemore.

In July 2017, a third outstanding appeal to the OMB by MacIntosh from Clearview’s House Keeping By-law 10-47 was settled.  The appeal involved specific elements of that by-law including: zoning for storm water management; visitor parking ratios and the definition of height. Yet another zoning by-law amendment was approved by Council for MacIntosh’s site.

In January 2018, the OMB allowed the appeal consistent with the request of the parties.

In 2016 and 2017, MacIntosh began marketing The Meadows of Creemore, seeking expressions of interest from potential purchasers. In an August 2017 Creemore Echo article, he said that there is "sufficient demand” for the condos. Only stages 1 and 2 of the development, which provide for 54 condominium units in two buildings, have draft subdivision plan approval at this time.

Click here for The Echo's August 2017 article on The Meadows of Creemore.

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